• Mosaic Kids

    A safe, fun, and engaging space for children to embark on a meaningful journey of faith.

  • Our Vision

    Mosaic Kids aims to teach and model the love of Jesus to our kids, leading them to love and serve God and others, to seek social justice, and to embark on a meaningful and dynamic journey of faith.


    Mosaic Kids is committed to offering relevant programs for children of all ages to get to know Jesus and themselves, as well as develop healthy relationships with others. Our hope is that our children will embark on a journey of faith, love, and service during their time with us. We do this by providing a safe, fun, and inviting space for them to experience and learn about God.


    Dynamic Lessons

    Children learn stories from the Bible in ways that are engaging, meaningful, and appropriate. Stories are presented through puppet shows, picture books, videos, skits, and reading from the Bible. There are fun games and crafts to complement the lessons, along with opportunities to deeply explore faith and ask questions in small group discussions for older kids.


    Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness is both a way of praying and caring for oneself. Our children learn to still and center themselves, mindfully waiting and listening for God. Through our mindfulness exercises, children invite the presence of Jesus, practice gratitude, experience peace, and hold themselves and others in the Light and Love of God.


    Commitment to Social Justice

    Our children engage in lessons and service projects that help them identify the injustices present in our world and in our neighborhoods. Our hope is that they will love and serve others out of the experience and abundance of love given to them by Jesus and their faith community.

  • Sunday Programs

    Sundays at 10am | Mosaic Community Church | 123 S. 51st St.


    For kids under 3

    The nursery volunteers provide gentle and loving care for infants who can sit unassisted and young toddlers. This allows their grown-ups to attend the main session. There are plenty of toys, games, and books to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Grown-ups will be contacted for diaper changes. The class runs until the end of service.



    Preschool and Kindergarten

    For kids age 3 through kindergarten

    The preschool/K class learns about Jesus and the stories from the Bible using the Little Son Catchers curriculum. Class time includes songs, mindfulness practices, an interactive story, craft-making, and free choice time. The class runs until the end of service.



    Sunday School

    For kids in grades 1 - 3

    Using the Gospel Light curriculum, students in the Sunday School class engage with stories from the Bible through activities, fun games and discussions. The class runs through the sermon portion of the service, and kids join their parents for musical worship.


    The Blaze

    For kids in grades 4 - 12

    Using the Uncommon curriculum, the youth at Mosaic explore what it means to live a life of faith in a modern world. The youth explore topics that are relevant to them and pray and worship together. This class meets in the Chapel Room at the Holy Apostles and The Mediator, located at 51st and Spruce Streets.

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