• Know Thyself 100% Natural

    Melaney, professional hair stylist, instructor and make-up artist, is the proprietor of the popular De'Ja'Vu Salon & Day Spa in Philadelphia, PA. She has successfully managed 3 hair salons during the more than 30 years she has been in business. Her inspiration was due to her yearly visits to grand moms to get her Easter hairstyle and having her mother create different styles throughout her school week. Melaney’s passion grew stronger once her older sister Tracey began to attend cosmetology school. She was inspired by the beauty and art of it all! Melaney partnered up with her life-long friend Kelli, a professional hair stylist and make-up artist. Kelli is now CO/proprietor of the popular De'Ja'Vu Salon & Day Spa. Kelli has successfully managed two hair salons alongside her business partner Melaney during the 26 years she has been in business. Kelli and Melaney train their staff in all the latest techniques in color, cuts, natural hair care and styling and spa services, Kelli decided to fully invest when Partner Melaney decide to take a more wholistic approach to servicing clients and developed an all natural hair and skincare line of products.


    Melaney’s dreams have always been big for our community. She feels we deserve wellness as well as beauty but may not explore these vital services because there not readily available in our community salons. Melaney made it her mission to offer a upscale, holistic atmosphere and services at a reasonable cost. As time went on she continued to educate herself in holistic healing and realized the benefits of becoming a natural and wholistic business! Being a young woman who has suffered greatly over the years with autoimmune issues she realized very early on that the natural approach was the best! Melaney and Kelli both realize that not only the things we can eat affect us but also how the products we use affect our wellbeing. Melaney began to study and gain more knowledge of how our overall well being and beauty were all the same, this revelation made her want to take their services to the next level. She made up in her mind they would know everything about every ingredient that went on a client. They began taking into consideration every client who had ever sat in their chair and shared there story of cancer, high blood pressure, autoimmune deficiency, womb issues, allergies, Mental issues , depression and anxiety. Melaney decided she would do her very best to make sure that she offered her clients products that wouldn't cause them any harm or further aggravate their situations. Melaney developed an ALL NATURAL PRODUCT LINE *Know Thyself 100% Natural* made with ONLY pure essential oils, never fragrance. The products are organic, vegan, natural products for men, women, and infants. It has been a hit! Their clients of many years loved the difference, and the new clients testify the same!


    KnowThyself 100%Natural products are known and loved for their beauty and healing properties. And they are purposed to heal everyone they touch. Kelli now manages the total line of products that they create totally themselves!! Their hair creations have been featured in plays, movies, runway, and leading hair magazines and other beauty publications.


    Charly Bird Creations

    Charles D. Perkins is a Children’s Author, Publisher, Songwriter, Playwright, Motivational Rapper, Poet and Storyteller. A Citation Recipient in 1995 from the Men Making a Difference Steering Committee. Member of the National Black Association of City Administrators, Stop the Violence Youth Movement, Philadelphia, Pa.


    My work as a publisher and author promotes a positive self-image and growth to our children in the Philadelphia area and surrounding community. It also cultivates the learning process of multicultural backgrounds interacting and understanding one another. Every opportunity that I can get to influence our children with a positive message about the world that surrounds them as it relates to them only helps to perpetuate a sense of high self-esteem.


    Also, I have traveled throughout School Systems in Philadelphia and New Jersey doing presentations with my publications to children from kindergarten to the 4th grade levels. As a Motivational Rapper, I address specifically the middle school students, giving them a GOD centered positive “hip hop” rap message. This also includes Church Youth Groups of all denominations. I have been a keynote speaker for four years at the Annual Career Day of Saint Gabriel’s Hall, a reform school for young men of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


    I have also appeared on various local television programs.

    • Visions with Vernon Odom – WPVI Channel 6 Another View with Katherine Pugh – WGTW Channel 4 ​
    • Weekly Science Program – School District of Philadelphia
    • Amber Hook - Cable Television


    Chuku's Hidden Treasures

    Marie Otch grew up in Norfolk, Virginia until the age of 15. Growing up in Virginia is where she discovered her love for design and fashion. She first realized this was her gift and passion once she designed her fist baby doll line at the age of 9 years old not only dressing her dolls but her friends and families as well. She then moved to Philadelphia where she was employed and retired from PHDC after 25 years of service for the City Of Philadelphia. She then became a entrepreneur whom started several businesses. Her first business endeavor was opening Unique boutique. Her first children’s boutiques store which was located in the Market East Gallery in Center city. Her second store was located in the Brewerytown area, her last store opening was located in the Olney area of the city. All stores were successful, Which made her decide to transfer her business to an online shopping service. She wanted to allow to grow her business being apart of today’s fast paced social media trend. She’s the founder of Chuku’s Hidden Treasures online designs. Her area of expertise is designing one of a kind apparels for women and children. She has over 30 years of design experience and is well known for dressing her customers in one of a kind fashion. She’s especially known for having a huge heart and helping others in any way that she can.

  • D - Truth Wear



    Devore Barlow has been on a solo journey after losing both her parents several years ago. Being a single retired mother of two young men and serving in the military for over 20 years she wanted to leave a legacy that would reflect and continuously instill positive lifelong teachings that they were raised on “TRUTH.”


    TRUTH promotes the greater you and sets precedence for those you interact with. TRUTH is freeing and spiritually sound. I have created a clothing line in where you get to wear your TRUTH and promote positivity in your atmosphere,
    D-TRUTH WEAR is for the Bold and Beautiful Woman as well as Strong and Dutiful Man!

  • Elegantcrochets

    Elegantcrochets features handmade crochet apparel/clothing many of which are reminiscent of vintage fashions of the 60’s and 70’s with a modern feel. I make crochet halter tops, dresses, vests, skirts, shorts, sweaters etc. that are great for festivals and spring /summer/winter days. I also craft customized swimwear such as bikinis and bodysuits. What makes my products unique is that I am able to provide you with the opportunity to express your unique individuality by customizing each piece to fit your unique body type.


    I officially started running my shop as a business in 2012, prior to that I would consider myself as a hobbyist. I learned how to crochet as a little girl of 10 from my mum who taught me crocheting, knitting, embroidery and basket weaving back in Uganda. I started off with making dollies as a little girl, my mom would find dollies and ask me to reproduce them without a pattern just by sight and that's how I learned to crochet

    I got more serious about my crochet when I became a psychotherapist, I used my crocheting to help me cope with and process my clients stories. In 2012 I took a break from psychotherapy to recharge and focus more on exploring my creative side. It was the break I need to restore and give my soul the balance it needed and to pursue a dream that was birthed at the age of 10.

    In 2015 I went back to psychotherapy and now I do both. Crocheting still helps restore and gives me the balance to be the best version of myself. Part of being my best self is to beautify you with my creativity so thank you for giving me that chance.

    Every Bite Counts

    Naz Wright, Owner

    In 2015 I began my journey with the vegan lifestyle as I was looking for a natural way to heal my body of all the damage I had done to it for the past 32 years. It wasn’t until I was diagnosis “pre cancerous” that my journey became serious, sad but true! One of the very first herbs I was introduced to was sea moss, I had no idea! when I researched and I used the sea moss, I noticed how my body began to heal instantly the more and more I used the sea moss. It got to the point where I had to share with others because I knew we all needed healing. Soon after I began to become very passionate about the herb and it’s many benefits, and I developed my brand “EVERYBITECOUNTS” This brand stands on alkaline vegan healing as a means to reconstruct the human body completely inside and out! Today I stand in my personal truth and take my time, not only building my brand but becoming my brand! It’s my time to join those who are bringing about awareness concerning health, by educating, and serving others who seek help.

    GoStrong Fitness

    Bernai Brown-Holman’s life purpose is to teach men and women how to create and maintain healthy lifestyles so that they can live their strongest lives possible. She does this by sharing her expertise as a certified trainer and nutritionist and her personal journey of competing nationally as a bodybuilder, becoming a power-lifting champion and overcoming a dangerous bout of anxiety.


    Bernai and her husband, Marcus Holman, began GoStrong Fitness, LLC in 2013. Their inspiration stems from their passion for sports and their painful experiences of witnessing loved ones suffer through preventable illnesses. Collectively, they devote their time and effort on making a positive impact o each client, athlete and loved one.


    Social Media Links

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gostrongfitness/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoStrongFitness1/

  • Kala Hagopian

    Kala Hagopian is a Philadelphia-based muralist best known for vibrant, highly detailed public art pieces. She was born in rural Peacham, Vermont, and was highly influenced by a childhood spent in nature. Kala has been a working artist in Philadelphia since 2005, and received her Certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. After graduating, she co-founded her first mural collective, Chroma Dolls. In 2015 she established Hagopian Arts, a company that has gained a reputation for luminous and environmentally minded murals. Kala describes herself as a “fine-art muralist,” specializing in meticulous realism interspersed with bright pattern and atmosphere. Hagopian Arts recently began the Eco Mural Project, an initiative that seeks to raise environmental awareness by introducing depictions of natural ecosystems into urban spaces.


    Kala has worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as: The School District of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Women’s Conference, The Offices of Victim Advocates, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Zappos Art, Beautify Earth, Neighborhood Bike Works, The Hillside School, The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, RAW: Natural Born Artists, Shore2Love, The Philadelphia Free Library, The Center For The Emerging Visual Artists, Project Street Art, The Youth Violence Reduction Partnership, Sobriety Through Outpatient, JEVS Human Services, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Horizon House, Fairton Correctional Institute, The Boys & Girls Club, at-risk youth and adults, as well as a range of participants of all ages.


    hagopianarts.com | @hagopianarts


    My name is Yusef Mitchell. I'm in the business of designing hats that make a Bold statement! My business name is “HAT-PIFF “ and I have been in this particular business of customizing hats since the end of Spring this year. I've been a merchant vendor for many years but I became inspired by a friend in NY. Once I started this craft and I saw people take a liking to my designs i went completely all in! I have had great response to my designs and success from the many venues I have done. BRIGHT BOLD HATS THAT ATTRACT!

  • Marlo Jones

    My name is Marlo Jones proud mother of four girls and I am a realtor with “Keller Williams “ My dream is to help everyone achieve home ownership... I feel that a lot of people think it is impossible and you need a lot of money to make it happen, I’m here to show them how! Knowledge is power so moving forward I will do everything in my power to help make it a reality.

    I became a realtor so that I would be able to have financial freedom and the ability to be a stay at home mom to my now 7 year old and not work a 9-5. By becoming a realtor I am able to help my clients with one of the biggest moments in there life. Which brings me the ultimate happiness. Owning a home for me was something I always wanted and it means so much to me that my children would always have a place of there own to call home and I thank God every day for giving me the ability to do it!


    Email: marlojones@kw.com.



  • Charise Marie

    Charise Marie walks into her life in her debut novel, Pushing Through. She reminisces back on her life of multiple injuries, deaths, failed relationships and struggling parenthood. She speaks of her unwed planned pregnancy and domestic violence that led her to her first talk show appearance. Charise takes you back on the multiple surgeries and the loss of multiple babies that led to her attempted suicide events. She also narrates her journey of being diagnosed twice with more than one mental illness. Charise defines to all what it means to keep moving forward when it is the only choice given. Follow her on her journey when it comes to succeeding the best way she knows how.


    AuthorChariseMarie.com | Facebook.com/AuthorChariseMarie

  • Susan McLeod

    Susu Creations came to life in 2010 when Susu turned her 12 year hobby into a small business. Susu Creations products are mostly crocheted, knitted and sewn items that use a variety of yarns, fabrics and other materials. There is also a small unique inventory of jewelry made with a wide variety of materials. There are 9 collections of distinguished items for a variety of people and styles. What started in my room as a hobby, now has a whole room dedicated to it. I love what I do and I put love in all my creations. Some patterns are others and some are my very own. I put love into everything I create and I hope you Love it too!  https://www.facebook.com/SusuCreations/?ti=as 

  • Paparazzi Accessories

    My name is Leslie Salas. I am an independent consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. I want to change the way people look, feel, and their lives through fashion. A fashion-forward jewelry line. It's affordable, good quality, fun, fashion jewelry.


    I'm a single mom of a little boy and like every parent we have worries everyday to give your child everything they need and a good life. I knew I had to do something, so I started my own business with my own hours and being my own boss right in the comfort of my own home. I chose Paparazzi Accessories, I mean why not ? It's something you can't leave home without or can't complete an outfit without. Paparazzi is affordable, good quality fun fashion jewelry, that is lead and nickel free, and also one of a kind featuring original design, style, and feel.

  • Philly Paw Prints

    Philly Paw Printz is a mobile Philadelphia based retailer that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Customers go through an interactive process in which the stuffed animal of their choice is assembled and tailored to their own preferences during their event or party. The goal of Philly Paw Printz is to create an enjoyable, affordable, and personalized experience for all children. There is also the added convenience of having Philly Paw Printz come to you!


    Philly Paw Printz is owned and operated by Maurice Patterson. Maurice is a Dean of Students at Hardy Williams high Mastery Charter School in South West Philadelphia. He is a graduate of Temple University. Maurice is married to Kenyatta Patterson, and the father to a wonderful daughter named Leigha. He attends Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, and is involved in the missions and young adult ministries.


    Meet Ivory Holland, Owner of Shimmer


    I’m a West Philly native and I’ve always had a love for colorful wardrobe and appreciated a good deal. I was greatly influenced by my aunt whom we referred to as “Glitter Box”. I’m now a Glitter Box myself and that is the inspiration behind the name of my store, Shimmer. I started buying these great deals with friends and family in mind and would gift them. Over a period of time, I realized how much I enjoyed it and how much money I was spending hence why I started selling.


    Shimmer started late 2015 and comprised of sequin jackets and dresses. We started on Poshmark and Mercari as our main platforms. Through a Philly based company named PhilUp PopUp, we started doing events to build our customer base. Over the years, we started to incorporate other types of items such as eclectic and 90s era inspired pieces. Now, our closet ranges from 1950s coats to current day trends. All of our pieces are hand picked by the owner and are new or gently loved.


    Instagram: @shop_shimmer

    Poshmark: https://bnc.lt/focc/R0erpQUocS

    Mercari: https://www.mercari.com/u/757627452

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shimmersensibly

  • Shining Moments Event Planning

    Shining Moments Event Planning (SMEP) specializes in Planning and Day of Coordination for Weddings, Social Events & Educational Events. Our purpose is to meet the needs of clients and make their dreams a reality. Because of our commitment to care, high level customer service and attention to detail we provide our very best in planning and executing amazing weddings and events tailored just for you.


    SMEP Owner, Zupenda Davis-Shine, had dreams of becoming a Wedding & Event Planner since 2006 but after enrolling in a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program (Drexel University) she was unable to commit to the time required to start her business. After receiving her DrPH degree (2013), she got engaged (2014) and married (2015). In 2017 she realized just how much she enjoyed planning her own wedding (with the help of a Day of Coordinator- of course!) and knew it was time to start her business. Fall 2017 she completed the Wedding Planning and Consulting Certification Program at Temple University. To gain experience she interned for 8 months at Trilogy Event Design where she assisted with wedding and event planning, event execution and design.


    In 2018, SMEP coordinated birthday parties (Philadelphia, Maryland & Las Vegas), a book signing (Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books- Philadelphia) and a destination wedding (St. Augustine, FL). SMEP is looking forward to help make your wedding and events stress-free, seamless and full of Shining Moments!

  • Sky Blue Pink

    Nicole McGregor was born and raised in Camden NJ. A little girl who loved to play dress up, with her Mother's accessories, still plays dress up to this very day, but now she wears her own creations. Nicole has always wanted her own jewelry line, ever since she graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, in 1995. Years passed by and what almost became a dream deferred, became reality in 2012. Nicole began designing earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The name of her jewelry line is, "Sky Blu Pink". This is how Nicole came up with the name. Her Mother knew how fascinated she was with sunsets and decided to tell her a story about her Pop Pop and sunsets. Here is the story as told to Nicole, "When I was a little girl, your Pop Pop and I would sit on the porch and watch the sunset. He always talked about how pretty the pink and blue sky was and how amazed he was with the blending of the two colors across the sky." Nicole knew right then and there, what the name of her jewelry line was going to be. The concept of Nicole's jewelry is, "One of a kind designs with you in mind. Accessories are a girl's best friend!

  • Soul Essence

    SOUL ESSENCE is a catering company run by mother Deborah Hayes and daughter Deborah Hayes. Big Deb’s (mother) love for cooking comes from watching her father and his family cook when she was a young girl. Lil Deb’s (daughter) love for cooking came from watching her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. After Lil Deb finished culinary school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she gained a chance to learn along side of some talented chefs, Big Deb and Lil Deb decided to start Soul Essence, a catering company that focuses on cooking with all-natural and local ingredients. With knowledge and training in different cuisines, we cater to any clients needs for their special event.

  • Roni Smith

    I have been a beauty consultant for 14 years. I started Mary Kay while in college, initially to earn some extra money. As I learned more about the company and the founder, who was a woman, I understood that Mary Kay focuses on empowering women - giving them tools to achieve financial freedom and so much more. When I teach women how to care for their skin and add enhancements, it awakens something in them, and in me, too. After college, I stayed with Mary Kay because the products great, and I truly enjoy being around other women who encourage each other to pursue their dreams.

  • Ricky Strickler

    I am a poet and recently published a book of poetry and art in collaboration with a graphic designer. The pieces are all focused around the idea of privilege and how it functions in our nation and in our society The book is called 15 American Haikus.

    This is a book of poems about privilege. It was made from the too-slow realization that those of us who have the most privilege (white people, white men, and straight white men in particular) often spend the least time thinking or talking about it. Truly, that is this book's intended audience. It is an effort to get us thinking and to get us talking. It is not exhaustive. At most, it scratches the surface. Its intent is to represent my own place as the author- still only scratching the surface of understanding my privilege and learning what to do with it. I hope it allows or encourages or causes you to do the same. I want to thank Jordan Plain for his incredible work on illustrations. I want to thank a host of writers- largely writers of color- who speak (and have been speaking) on these topics much more eloquently than me, and have helped me to speak on them from my own perspective. And thank you for taking the time to read it.

  • Twizzted Artz




    Born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Pine Hill, NJ, her lifelong dream was to sell out stadiums while on stage as a musical songstress. Although she still enjoys singing, her life adventures have taken her many different places in this world to experience and leave her mark!


    Charli first became interested in art as a young child, watching her mother paint and draw lifelike portraits and inanimate objects on a daily. She also watched her father create beautiful art using objects he had laying around the home. In highschool-she excelled in the Arts (whether it was as a writer, singer, or artist) and became known throughout Overbrook High School in Pine Hill, NJ; as the “Speed Tagger.” Her graffiti and calligraphy markings could be found all throughout the school and neighborhoods.


    As a US Army Veteran, Charli is now a mother of 4 and has found her way back to her passion of Art. Charli primarily works with acrylic and spray paints, and in her own words, “Anything else I can get my hands on.” She treats each piece created as if a part of her mind has exploded onto whatever canvas she uses. She sees each piece as an exploration of space beyond the canvas, the dimension of imagination and emotions stimulated within the viewer.

    After working in both the medical and administrative fields for over two decades, Charli decided to focus solely on her business endeavors. “For many years- I worked for someone else. Long and hard hours. Enduring pain emotionally and always thinking that that my passions, my creativity, intellect and skills- should be spent where I would always be appreciated. Who appreciates you more than yourself? I do!”


    In September 2018, Charli launched @TwizztedTreatz and Twizzted ArtZ shortly thereafter. “I hope to reach people in a good way- be it by my desserts or my art. Art makes you feel, each time you experience it. Whether by sight, sound, and even taste. And each time someone sees my work or gets to eat a dessert that I’ve baked, I hope that they feel wonderfully good. That way- I know I’ve left my mark- and my art, will adorn the walls of people both near and far and if folks decide to indulge in sweet adult decadence created by me- that a smile will spread across their lips and having them coming back for more!”


    Charli is a very daring individual and loves to be challenged. In regards to her business endeavors, her favorite line is, “Anything can be twizzted”. She is eager for individuals to challenge her creative ingenuity and urges them to throw various ideas as to what they what for her to breathe into life.


    She can be contacted via mobile phone: 267-608-3860 and on Instagram @TwizztedTreatz, and on Facebook: Charlene Charli Vinson





    Andrea VanVoorthuijsen

    I am Andrea van Voorthuijsen. I am trained in Suzuki violin and classical guitar. I have taught for 38 years. My Dad taught me to play cello when I was 6. I learned violin in my 20's and began teaching. 18 years ago, in Florida I began studying classical guitar and then teaching. Now I am taking piano lessons from Alfie Pollitt, a local jazz legend. The String Beans goal is to engage Philadelphia children and families to share their gifts at parks, hospitals and special events. If you or your children would like to learn to play a instrument I would be happy to give lessons!

  • Shaniquia Welton​

    My business name is Flirty Pastries. My business represents homemade cakes & desserts bringing customers ideas one cake & cupcake at a time. I always loved baking for fun and decided that I should take it seriously ,and make a career out of it and I love every minute of it, and the joy I bring to customers face when they eat my desserts.

    I went to school at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. I always had a passion for baking since I was a little girl. I would help my mom bake desserts for family functions and make cupcakes to sell. I realized that really enjoyed baking and making people satisfied with my desserts. When I found out I could turn my art of baking into a business and bring visions alive, I decided to go to school to learn the fundamentals and other ways to better my craft. I love bringing people visions to life with baking and helping celebrate and making each moment special with my art. It brings me so much joy and pushes me to always better my craft.

    Devon Williams

    DEVON WILLIAMS is a kickboxing and MMA instructor based out ofPhiladelphiaPA ,FightFirm Elite MixedMartialArts Training Facility. He has been competing for the past seventeen years. Devon has a wealth of wellness and fitness expertise. If your goal is to become a skilled fighter or get into the best shape of your life, Devon Williams is the coach for you! From beginner to advanced level training, from kickboxing to conditioning all of your fitness goals can be achieved. Devon offers a wide verity of personal training options (kickboxing, boxing, cardio, body weight conditioning, MMA & More!!).


    To schedule a personalized session or inquire about pricing (one on one or group training sessions available), contact Devon Williams at devon.w.pt@gmail.com or send a message through Facebook.

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