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Mosaic Stories - Lyndsey M.

Stories of faith and following Jesus

Lyndsey M. - When Faith Gets Tangible

Lyndsey McCormick’s relationship with Mosaic started years ago. As a graduate student at the
University of the Arts, she was walking away from her Catholic roots, but still looking for ways
to connect to God.

“I googled nondenominational churches, and Vineyard West Philly – Mosaic’s former name –
came up,” Lyndsey recalls. As a performing and teaching artist, the music stood out to her at
that first visit.

“I liked that the music was varied and personal. They did a good job incorporating traditional
music with different styles of contemporary music. That was a good jumping off point for me.”

Lyndsey visited sporadically in 2010-2011 until she graduated and moved to Conshohocken.
When she moved in with her partner Kevin in 2014, they chose a West Philly apartment and
Lyndsey made the decision to make church a more consistent part of her life.

“Reentering a faith community was…not exactly scary, but I was apprehensive about it,”
Lyndsey says. “I was suffering from anxiety in my mid-20s, and I would get panic attacks
sometimes thinking about the broadness of the world, and space, and the afterlife. I knew I
believed in God, but I was looking for reassurance, and authentic connection.”

While Lyndsey had grown up around church, she felt like she had missed so much. “I grew up
reading the same 50 passages, and that’s it. So as much as I knew the greatest hits from the
Bible, I still didn’t know so many other parts of it.”

Lyndsey faced one more barrier in recommitting to a faith community. “Growing up, my mother
would use biblical passages and phrases like ‘honor thy father and mother’ to inflict guilt and
exert control over me and my sisters. In my mind, God’s word was often equated with abusive
parental relationships, rules, and control.”

In Lyndsey’s first few months of reconnecting to Mosaic, Senior Pastor Brad Zinn invited her to
a group called Faith Reimagined.

“It’s a little bit like alcoholics anonymous,” Lyndsey admits, laughing. The group met weekly for
six weeks to talk about their struggles, doubts, and fears with faith, and to explore together
what building genuine faith as an adult looks like.

“Attending Mosaic, I looked around and wondered, ‘Are there other humans who have doubts
like I do in this room?’ In Faith Reimagined I found reassurance. I learned so much from talking
with the other people in the group, and eventually I joined a small group to continue that
spiritual growth.”

In the years since Faith Reimagined, Lyndsey’s doubts haven’t just evaporated. There are still
things she wonders about with her faith and how the whole cosmic picture looks.

But the last several years have included lots of experiences with God and her community at
Mosaic that have clarified her reasons for returning to faith.


“In early 2017, I was struggling. I had been depressed for most of the year, and was having
anxiety on and off as well.” Lyndsey is active; she’s an athlete and ultimate Frisbee aficionado,
but in this season none of her healthy patterns seemed to help.

When fall hit, Lyndsey started asking her small group at Mosaic to pray for her often. “The week
before Thanksgiving, I was especially sad because it was about to be the holidays and my
birthday was coming up too. I asked the group to pray for me, and when several of my friends
placed their hands on me that week, I remember just starting to cry because I could feel this
weight lift off of me.”

Lyndsey was relieved, but she had dealt with depression for long enough to know it could
return at any time. Still, weeks turned into months, and her depression didn’t return.

“It was just gone, in that exact moment. That was a way that really felt like God was there with
me. It really has helped me to be more faithful this year.”

“Those kinds of changes aren’t always immediate and tangible,” Lyndsey says, “But sometimes
they are. Sometimes God has shown me very tangibly, ‘Hey, here’s your proof. Keep trusting,
keep learning, and keep growing.’”

Interview and Article by Rebecca DeWhitt

Curious about Mosaic? Drop by for a visit at 123 S. 51st Street in Philadelphia on Sundays at 10AM.

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